10 Best Things to do in Perth

When you think about the cities that are hip and happening, Perth is one that will definitely rank among the best. The list of things to check out at this place keeps getting longer and it seems that there is no end to it.

To make things easier for you, we have mentioned below the 10 best things you absolutely need to do in Perth.

1. Look at the breathtaking view from Kings Park

Ranked as one of the biggest city parks in the world, visiting Kings Park is what you absolutely need to do. Capture in your eyes the sweeping views of the Canning and Swan Rivers and the spectacular view of the Perth city skyline. Walk through the bushland trials and the Darling ranges, spend some time in the botanical gardens, and have some fun and relaxation time alone or with your family amongst the gum trees. Various cafes and kiosks are also located within the vicinity of the park.

2. Visit the Port of Fremantle

While you are at the centre of Perth head over to Fremantle Harbour which is only thirty minutes away and has its own unique character. At the seaside, you can then visit the Fremantle Prison that has a rich history of 140 years. Guided tours are also available that you can benefit from. Next, go to the Arts Centre and Old Courthouse that would come along the way and have a drink or two inside an art gallery.

3. Take a Swan River Cruise

How about looking at the swan river up close after looking at it from the Kings Park? The Swan River connects Perth down to Fremantle so what better way to reach this place via a relaxing cruise.

Along the way, you will have a look at some of the finest houses and real estate of this city and view the spectacular skyline of the city.

4. Catch a sunset at Cottesole Beach

If you want to have a look at some of the legendary sunsets on this planet then you have an opportunity to do so while in Perth. Head over to Cottesole which is a beach-side suburb and one of the best places to watch a sunset over the Indian Ocean.

There are various activities also available that you can do which includes snorkeling, swimming, and surfing. If you are with your family then everybody is going to enjoy these activities in the crystal clear waters of this beach after which you can also enjoy a picnic under shady Norfolk Pines.

5. Take a walk at the Caversham Wildlife Park

If you’ve come all the way to Australia then why miss its local wildlife? Apart from visiting the Perth Zoo, you also need to visit Caversham Wildlife Park which has a more natural and authentic feel to it. Also, the foot traffic here is less because of which the animals here are at much more ease and feel like home.

One of the best things is that you can even hand-feed the kangaroos.

6. Step into the London Court and Trinity Arcade

To experience the exclusive past of Western Australia’s architecture walk your way to these two gorgeous places; London Court and Trinity Arcade which are close to each other. The Court has been constructed in a mock-Tudor fashion and is a representative of WA’s past.

7. Elizabeth Quay

Once you are done looking at the old remnants it’s time for you to check out the modern side of Perth that is also the city’s future, Elizabeth Quay. This place was redeveloped and is built on the foreshore of Swan River. You can take a stroll or play around with your kids while being at the centre of something beautiful.

8. Plan a trip to Rottnest Island

To spend a day at some of the picturesque beaches on Rottnest Island, located 18 kilometres off the coast from Perth, should be your destination.

The locals call this place Rotto and recommend exploring it on a bicycle or by walking as cars are not available on the island.

9. Try some Australian pub food

Well while you are exploring the city and doing some of the best things you are sure to feel hungry. Try to eat at a pub where most of the locals eat. Enjoy Aussie favourites such as Yorkshire pudding, steak and kidney pie, fish and chips, and the Italian-American chicken parmigiana.

10. Catch a festival

What better way to end your visit if you are able to attend one of the local festivals of the land? Comedy festivals, hawker food festival, and Shakespeare festival are some of the most famous ones, however, there are festivals taking place somewhere in the city practically every day.

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