A Travel Expert’s Guide to London

London, capital of England, financial hub of Western Europe and home to giant football clubs such as Arsenal and Chelsea, is also one of the most visited cities in the world. If you too want to be among the many visitors that flock to London every year to take pictures at the busy Trafalgar Square or enjoy a peaceful evening on cruise on the river Thames, we have here the perfect guide for you.

Getting Around London

After you land in the city at one of the six airports that serve London, you’ll need a medium of travel to explore. London offers you many travel options with developed transport network served by both public and private services.

Make use of Oyster card

London is served by a rapid transit system, London Underground, or as the locals call it ‘the Tube’. The Tube carries 50% of London’s commuters.

To make travelling easier and cheaper for yourself, and to avoid the need for buying tickets every time, we would suggest you to purchase Oyster Cards.  These are prepaid travel cards. You can order a Visitor Oyster card online at tfl.gov.uk.

Road Travel & Rush Hours

You will have several road travel options. Apart from the usual black cabs and Uber, you can also hop onto one of those red, double-decker buses. These buses are part of the popular culture considered to be a British icon.

While travelling on road, it is important to keep in mind that certain areas and times experience more than usual traffic. Between 07:30 and 09:30 in the morning and between 17:00 and 19:00 in the evening are peak rush hours.

It is best to avoid these hours and busy travel routes. You can also keep yourself updated with the traffic scene on this site: https://tfl.gov.uk/traffic/status/

Compare Your Accommodation Options

Accommodation in London is priced slightly on the higher side, but depending on your budget and the experience you would want to have, the city still offers you many places to stay.

If you are looking for an authentic London experience, The Goring, a five star, family-owned hotel in Belgravia is one of the best options. The hotel prides itself for being Kate Middleton’s choice for her final stay before the royal marriage. The rooms in this place are vast, elegant and comfortable. And the décor is a throwback to the early 19th Century British Era.

When budget considerations are of concern, the Euro Hotel Queens is an option that is ideally located among the green parks of London in the Southern part of Croydon. The rooms are clean and spacious and provide a good view of the City’s South.

You can compare your options and make the best choice at Find Late Hotel.

Visit the Museums 

London was back in the days, not only capital of England, but also the main city of the British Empire. The city has seen a glamorous history, quite a lot of which can be re-lived by visiting its museums.

The British Museum in Bloomsbury is a home to ancient findings and cultural treasures from across the centuries, discovered around the globe. Here you can find articles from Ancient Iran, Greece and China from 5000BC onwards and much more.

The National History Museum, located in Brompton, allows you to discover fascinating natural exhibits and historical fossils such as dinosaur skeletons and giant whale models. It is a must-visit place for every science enthusiast out there.

Enjoy the Diverse Food Options

London is home to many different communities that have settled here from around the world. So if you visit the city, make sure to not miss out on the diversity that has made its way into the city’s food and culture.

To enjoy the traditional British cuisine, we would recommend Borough Market, London’s oldest food market, which offers more than 100 food options, from fresh produce vendors to fish and chip joints and great spots like Berner’s Tavern.

If you are looking for South Asian cuisine, you have a host of options from Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Indian restaurants. ‘Kriket’ in Soho is a cool and creative place offering a mix of South Asian and British food. The menu brings together the flavours of Mumbai and London, with British ingredients used to make the most of authentic dishes, aromas and spices.


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