A Travel Experts Guide to Sao Paolo

Sao Paulo is a sprawling megacity with a series of high-rise structures at its center. Sao Paulo might not have the serene beaches or the sultry good looks that its neighboring giant Rio de Janeiro has, it is still a must-visit place for anyone going to Brazil for various reasons. If you are an urban explorer, a trip to Sao Paulo will prove to be a highly rewarding experience.

The city has a unique character of its own. It is the main financial hub of Brazil and most of its residents are the wealthy business owners or people working at the hundreds of offices and newer start ups situated in the city.

Along with being a business center, the city has one of the best night activities in the country and a wide variety of food places and restaurants to enjoy the amazing South American cuisine. The city is also a famous shopping spot and people from the neighboring towns drop in just to purchase clothes, shoes, accessories and luxury items available at Sao Paulo’s massive shopping malls. The incessant urban landscape in this 20-million-strong metropolis won’t be to everyone’s taste, but for most visitors, one taste of São Paulo will leave them wanting more. Paulistanos (São Paulo inhabitants) work hard and spend a lot, and there’s no escaping the many shopping and eating temptations.

Despite of many of its qualities, there is a perception among tourists that the city should be avoided as it is too noisy and often times gets too crowded, and they do have a point. But for people who love big places, metropolitan cities and urban environments, Sao Paulo is the right place to be.

The Top 5 Things to See and Do in São Paulo

Brazil is a huge country. Tourists who come here generally have a long itinerary of places to visit and they generally tend to miss out some of its main attractions. To help you make good use of your valuable time, we have listed here 5 things to do and see which should not to be missed by anyone visiting Sao Paulo.

Avenida Paulista


Avenida Paulista is one of the main economic hubs of the city. This district attracts many visitors each day because of the several shopping as well as eating opportunities it provides. Avenida Paulista is also home to MASP, which is one of the most famous museums of Sao Paulo. Several movie theaters and large bookstores are also located here.


Pinacoteca is an Art and History museum in Sao Paulo. Built in 1895, it also has the distinction of being the first art museum of the city. The building of this museum was first built to function as a school to train technicians and craftsmen and was called ‘Lyceum of Arts and Crafts’. The structure of the museum itself is worth the visit. Exposed brick walls and a large atrium in the middle of the museum lets visitors enjoy the artwork under natural lighting.

Beco do Batman

The Beco do Batman or Batman Alleyway is a narrow street in Vila Madalena. It gets its name from one of the first drawings on its walls. Hundreds of tourist come to see this wall alone and many of the artwork on this street; being located in the artsiest neighborhood of São Paulo also helps. Beco do Batman was one of the first open air museums dedicated to graffiti to spring up in Sao Paulo.

Parque Villa Lobos

This is a famous park in the city named after a music composer Heitor Villa-Lobos and located next to the river Pinheiros. If you are looking to enjoy a peaceful evening stroll then this is the place to be. You can also rent a bike and enjoy the native trees and plants. And if the local bands are performing, as they do on some weekends, you can also enjoy the open air concert at this venue.

Museu do Futebol

Visiting any Brazilian city is also an opportunity to have a closer look at the beautiful game of football. Museu do Futebol has preserved the history of the game in the forms of photographs, video clips and memorabilia. Visitors to this place also get a chance to become players and test their kicking abilities in its ‘Body Game Room’, where they can take penalty kicks and discover the speed of their strike.

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