A Wanderlust’s Trip to La Paz

If you wish to experience the relatively unexplored parts of the world, then a trip to La Paz in Bolivia is certainly going to tickle your fancy.

Located close to Bolivia’s border with Peru and Chile, La Paz is one of the western most cities in the world. Officially known as ‘Our Lady of Peace’ (Nuestra Señora de La Paz), the city’s rich indigenous culture and interesting history of national struggle will definitely make your stay worthwhile.

Things To Do in La Paz

Join a Free Walking Tour

Even if walking is not your thing, you will certainly enjoy exploring this beautiful city on foot. Free walking in La Paz is insanely popular among the tourists.

A company known as Red Cap Walking Tours offers walking tours in La Paz. Tourists gather outside the notorious San Pedro prison everyday at 10 am and again at 2pm for the walk tour. Not only are Red Cap Walking Tours an economical and effective way to explore the city centre, but can find your feet in the concrete jungle that is La Paz.

Visit Historical sites and National monuments

If you haven’t already seen it as part of your free walking tour then the city’s central plaza is well worth a visit. The historical plaza has major political significance for the people of Bolivia as many revolutionary battles took place in the square over the centuries.

The official residence of the Bolivian president, as well as the official office for the Bolivian National Congress is situated in this square.

Next to the Presidential Palace is the Cathedral of La Paz, which features beautiful architecture and furnishings. The stained glass windows are particularly amazing. Although it’s not one of the busiest and happening central plazas in South America, it would be a shame to miss these buildings as they hold immense symbolism for the Bolivian people.

Take a Ride on Mi Teleferico

One of the best ways to see the city is to rise above it in one of the modern cable cars that float above the city skyline. Just like Medellin in Colombia La Paz has adapted to its awkward layout by creating a fantastically modern and efficient public transport system.

Many different lines criss-cross the city and you can even take a trip up to the neighboring El Alto to check out stunning views of La Paz. The cable car system offers travelers a view of La Paz that just isn’t possible in other large cities as well as being just a great way to get around.

Visit Museums on Calle Jean

Without a doubt, the most picturesque street in the entire city is Calle Jaen. This is also La Paz’s last remaining colonial-era street. Colorful rustic buildings sandwich in a narrow, uneven cobbled road that gently slopes downhill and is an attraction in its own right. The street also features five museums on Bolivia and La Paz’s culture and history.

Entry to the five museums is purchased in one go from the Museo Costumbrista Juan de Vargas at the top of the road and costs next to nothing. It makes for a fantastic morning to leisurely make your way through each of the fantastic museums heading down the street.

Visit the Witches Market

Tucked away on Calle Melchor Jiminez, El Mercado de las Brujas or the Witches Market is one of the stranger elements of traditional Bolivian life. Despite the endless amount of littering in South America, Pachamama (Mother Earth) still holds a lot of significance for traditional folks in the region. Many small rituals are still performed to ward off evil or bring about good luck, such as burying llama fetuses under the foundations of a house. If you read about local customs regarding “witches” then the experience is all the more fascinating. This market isn’t very extensive but is definitely worth a visit.

Where to Stay in La Paz

La Paz is a massive traveler’s hub and comprises hundreds of hostels, hotels and other accommodation facilities, which range from super cheap to the ultra lavish. However, you still need to be careful when booking an accommodation that seems cheap. Many travelers complain of the lack of cleanliness in low-priced accommodations.

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