BFF Getaways: 10 Girls’ Weekend Ideas

girls weekend ideas

Most Americans aren’t taking the vacation time they deserve.

It makes sense. As we get older, our priorities change. Our professional lives take over and hitting the road with our besties doesn’t seem like the best use of our limited free time anymore.

Well, we say no more!

Taking time off and reconnecting with our closest friends is vital for our mental health and wellbeing. And, there’s no time like the present to gather your closest girlfriends and get out and make the most of life.

Need a little help picking a spot to spend your valuable vacation time?

Here are ten exciting girls weekend ideas to help you and your gal-pals reconnect.

1. New Orleans, Louisiana

They call it “The Big Easy” for a good reason.

New Orleans is a cultural hotspot packed to the rafters with a vibrant history and exuberant nightlife. Not to mention, it’s the jazz capital of the world.

This stunning city has a little bit of something for everyone. So, whether you and your girlfriends are raring for a wild night out, a plateful of devilishly decadent beignets, or something a little spookier, New Orleans is the spot for you.

2. Miami, Florida

Florida is famous for its endless miles of stunning coastlines. And, Miami is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the entire state.

And, while you and your friends may come for a little sand and surf, you’ll stay for the incredible local hotspots the city has to offer.

Miami is home to one of the biggest and most colorful collectives of Cuban culture in the country. So, after a day at the beach, your and your girls can hit Little Havana for some incredible cuisine and thrilling live music.

Just don’t forget your sunblock and flip-flops!

3. Sedona, Arizona

Who said you need to be near a beach to have a fun girls’ trip?

The United States is home to some of the most breathtaking desert scenery in the entire world, and Sedona is your gateway to the best of the best.

If you and your friends are more interested in getting out there and experience nature, Sedona is home to plenty of beautiful hiking areas. These areas include national treasures like the Red Rocks.

And while you can spend your entire trip wandering the desert, you don’t have to. Sedona is also home to a few pretty vibrant waterholes where you and your gals can quench your thirst after a day under the sun.

4. Nashville, Tennessee

If you and your friends are music lovers, then there’s one city you need to visit.

Sure, Nashville is the heartland of country music — but it’s quickly becoming a cultural hub for musicians and artists across all genres. So, you’re sure to find some up-and-coming star to suit all of your tastes.

And, after you dance the night away, you can refuel at any one of Nashville’s hundreds of fantastic food spots. Don’t forget to try some authentic Nashville hot fried chicken while you’re there!

5. Savannah, Georgia

This timeless city is dripping with history.

Savannah may be a historical hotspot of the American South. But, this old city has plenty of modern gems, making it a fantastic vacation spot for you and your girls.

In Savannah, you can enjoy a delicious southern-style brunch in the morning, take a tour of a few remarkable historical sites in the afternoon, and cap off the night with a peddle-pub across town center.

6. Denver, Colorado

The Gateway to the Rockies is quickly becoming one of America’s hottest cities.

While Colorado is home to plenty of fun outdoor activities, Denver itself is a cultural hotspot that is home to some pretty incredible must-visit spots.

From a lively local music scene to the Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver has a little bit of something for everyone.

Not to mention, the city is home to several fantastic breweries that you and your girls are sure to love.

7. Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

Are you and your girls looking for something a little more low key? Then you’ll want to hit the East Coast.

From its striking beaches to its quaint boutiques, restaurants, and pubs, Martha’s Vineyard is a fantastic spot for anyone who’s looking for a more peaceful getaway.

8. Sonoma County, California

What’s a girls weekend without a little wine?

Sonoma County is home to over 400 wineries, so you can rest assured that you and your girls will never go thirsty!

Wine tastings and tours aside, Sonoma is also home to plenty of stunning vineyards and super cute B&Bs. Making this spot the ultimate girls-weekend location.

9. Atlantic City, New Jersey

Ok, ok, we know what you’re thinking.

But, Atlantic City has more to offer than being the but of every New Yorker’s favorite jokes.

The truth is, this classic, Jersey beach town has plenty to offer. And it’s secretly the perfect spot for you and your girlfriends’ next getaway.

Before you hit the casinos, you and your girls can spend the day stretched out on the beach or wandering the city’s world-famous boardwalk.

Atlantic City is also home to some plenty of fantastic shopping destinations. And, if you need a little more convincing, you can pick up all the salt water taffy you and your friends can eat while you’re there.

10. Las Vegas, Nevada

Finally, every group of girlfriends needs to have at least one Vegas weekend under their belts.

While the city is famous for its gambling, that’s not the only thing the strip has to offer. From thrilling shows to world-famous restaurants, Las Vegas has a little bit of something for everyone.

So, whether you and your girls are ready to party all night or are looking to play a few slot machines and spend the rest of the weekend sipping mimosas poolside, Vegas is the place to go.

But remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

Bringing Your Girls Weekend Ideas to Life

While it can be hard to take breaks, taking time off is essential to your well-being.

After all, what’s the point of life if you don’t take a little time off to live every now and then?

With these girls weekend ideas, you’re sure to find the perfect place for you and your squad to rest, recuperate, and reconnect.

Are you ready to get planning the girls trip of a lifetime? We can help.

Wherever you decide to go, we can help you find the flights and hotels you need to make the most of your trip. Contact us today for more information!

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