Caribbean Travel Guide: Barbados

Barbados is an island with rich cultural history and lush landscape. It is the most developed island on the Caribbean and attracts a high number of visitors throughout the year. The island was discovered by Spanish in the 17th Century but was later colonized by British and it still has many cultural remnants from their rule today. Barbados is divided into 11 parishes. The interior areas are as beautiful as the coastline with large plantations, stunning gardens and a wide variety of wildlife.

It also has more hotels and luxury properties than any other island in the Caribbean. A trip to this island won’t disappoint any visitor looking for an exhilarating adventure or simply a peaceful escape. Our Barbados travel guide will give you the tools for an ideal island experience.

Barbados Beaches

Beaches at Barbados have something for everyone. The Eastern Coastline of Barbados is famous –especially it’s Crane Beach- for its big-wave action and therefore is frequented by surfers and water sports lovers. Families prefer its Western Coasts for their calmer waters and sunbathing spots. The Western side is also known for being home to a number of resorts situated close to the coastline.

Snorkelers are known to frequent the Southern Coastline; here, the beaches have coral reefs and a rich flora and fauna on its bed. And if you prefer solitude, visit Bottom Bay situated close to Sam Lord’s Castle. Access to all of the beaches in Barbados is free for the general public.

Barbados Hotels and Resorts

Barbados is famous for being an upscale destination. And you can find luxurious properties and international brands such as Hilton, Fairmont and other big names. The marriage ceremony of Tiger Woods was also held at one of such properties in Barbados called Sandy Lane. These expensive brands dominate the Western regions of the island.


If you are looking for moderately priced accommodations, then you can find them in all the non-western regions of Barbados. The Southern Coast is especially known to house budget hotels, inns and guest houses.

We would also encourage you to make use of online booking and price comparison services such as FindLateHotel to get the best deals on your accommodation and flights.

Barbados Restaurants

Restaurants at Barbados offer a variety of food options. Some cuisines are unique and can only be found on the island. One nice aspect for visitors on a budget is that you can easily find hotels and food stands serving inexpensive meals such as “roti”, which is a spicy pastry stuffed with meat and potato.

All the local restaurants serve flying fish and cou cou – both of them are considered the national dish of Barbados. There is also an abundance of food outlets serving elegant cuisine form around the world.

Barbados Top Attractions

The Holetown Festival

You can experience the sight, sounds as well as tastes of this Island at the Holetown Festival. It is a week-long event held every year during the spring season (February or March) and the intention is to celebrate the arrival of first settlers in this region during February 1627.

The event showcases the traditions and cultures of the island and is one of the biggest parties of Barbados. You can experience the traditional foods of Barbados offered by food stalls especially set up for this event, folk singing and dancing as well as games and street parades led by fancy dressed local women.

The rum

Rum is an essential part of culture of Barbados. It is an important part of the local social scene and is dealt by bars and binds. It is enjoyed across all strata of society, from farmers to property tycoons, and is a mainstay of the tourist industry.

The island is considered the birthplace of rum. The Mount Gay distillery was founded in 1703, making it the oldest commercial rum distillery in the world. Locals called it ‘Kill Devil’ and there are plenty of tours available that will help you discover the secrets and mysteries behind the island’s most celebrated spirit, as well as the chance to sample it. The Mount Gay distillery also offers cocktail workshops, tours coupled with buffet and rum and food pairing suppers.

Oistins Fish Fry

Oistins is a colorful fishing town on the south coat, famous for its fish fry on Friday nights. Held in Oistins Bay Gardens, people come from all over the island to sample the fish, chicken and lobster grilled on huge outdoor barbecues.

Pile your plate with tuna, swordfish, marlin, mahi-mahi and flying fish – it’s all delicious and fresh. There are stalls selling local jewelry, ceramics and prints, plus two rival sound systems competing to get you dancing. One specializes in reggae and Jamaican ska. The other, calypso and Crop Over hits. Simply decide what takes your fancy.


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