Caribbean Travel Guide: Trinidad & Tobago

Want to experience a mighty carnival and do some limbo dancing? Then head over to Trinidad and Tobago, a twin-island nation that is an ideal vacation spot, featuring exotic locales and exciting activities for everyone. There are locations here that will bring out your inner adventurer and others that will let you indulge in a cosmopolitan lifestyle. Many celebrations and festivals are held all year round here. The country and its magical scenery will surely cast a spell on you.

Trinidad, the island known for being rich in oil, is where almost 95 percent of the country’s population resides. The main city here is the Port of Spain that is surrounded by verdant hills. One of the biggest festivals held here is the Carnival which takes place annually on the Monday and Tuesday before the arrival of Ash Wednesday.

On the other hand, Tobago is located 32km northeast of Trinidad and located outside the hurricane belt. It is said to be an inspiration behind Daniel Defoe’s famous literary creation Robinson Crusoe. It is a paradise for nature lovers where you can also find a spread of modern beach resorts.

If you are someone who is going to this country for the first time, you would require some kind of guide to make your stay easier. Luckily, we have compiled a guide that will give you a fair amount of idea about the country and the basics that you must know.

When Should You Go?

The best months when you can visit Trinidad and Tobago are from January to May when the skies are clear. From June to December, you are sure to experience light showers every afternoon. The hotel rates are lower in these months as they try to compensate for the wet season. Overall, the weather remains pleasant throughout the year.

How to Get Around the City?

A car is the most effective way for getting around the city. Trinidad’s Piarco International Airport and Tobago’s Arthur Napoleon Raymond Robinson International Airport are two places from where you can get a rental car easily.

If you are not much into exploring the city then you’d be just fine visiting some of the places through taxis. However, if you want to move between the islands then a ferry is the most feasible option. You can go to the docks at Port of Spain or Scarborough and get a private one for your own self.

Things You Need to Know

Giving tips, apart from the one that is added to your bill, is considered as a way of showing gratitude and respect. While giving a tip, it is important that you place it in the hands of the waiter rather than keeping it on the table. Also, make sure that you don’t add it to the credit card balance.

We know that you must be enjoying and having the best time of your life but make sure that you keep an eye on your wallet. This is because pickpockets are very common in Trinidad and especially during the Carnival season. We recommend that you keep your wallet in your front pocket so that you always know where your money is and that it isn’t accessible by anyone. For your passport and other valuables like jewelry, keep them safe in a hotel locker.

Apart from these things make sure that you also carry your own bug spray or lotion that is suitable for you. This is because this country is home to lots of mosquitoes and other insects, therefore packing a strong bug repellent is a must.

How Should I Save Money If I Am Going on a Budget?

The first thing that you must do is pick the beaches that you want to visit beforehand. There are certain beaches that even charge an entry fee so you can even book the tickets in advance. However, there are other many beaches that are free of charge.

If you are going on a budget and do not mind rainy and wet season then make your plan to visit this country somewhere in between September to December. This is the best season for you people as the airfare and hotel booking rates take a dip in order to boost the local tourism scene.

Last but not the least, do not make the mistake of exchanging your money on the street from random people. It is highly possible that you encounter such people outside banks and authentic money changers. These people might urge you to exchange money with them as they will give you a much better price. However, you will get a much better rate at a proper currency exchange kiosk.

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