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Egypt has long been known as one of the most fascinating countries in the world. Travellers from all around the globe come to this country to experience its rich culture and heritage. Cairo, the capital city of Egypt, attracts a lot of tourists as there is a lot that you can see and do here. In fact, the city can sometimes become way too intimidating for many because of it being a metropolitan sector. However, you have nothing to worry about. You can be sure to get the best experience during your stay at Cairo.

The noise, the smell, the heat themselves are a few factors that will hit you hard, in a good way, as you land at this place. In our blog here we have pieced together some of the best things to experience in Cairo.

Egyptian Antiquities Museum

This museum is where you can really explore Egypt’s past history. It should be on top of your list. What better way to understand a country than knowing a little about its past? The museum features over 120,000 ancient Egyptian relics and has several rooms that are dedicated to following a timeline of key events in Egypt. Some of the famous things that you will find inside are King Tut’s tomb and his famous death mask, made of gold.

One thing you need to keep in mind is to leave your camera or phone back at the hotel as these are not allowed inside the vicinity of the museum.

Khan Al-Khalili Market

To feel the hustle and bustle of the city, head towards the infamous Khan Al-Khalili market/souk that is one of the biggest bazaars in Cairo. Here you can and should bargain to your heart’s satisfaction in order to get something authentic from this bazaar at a fair price. You can browse through the well-displayed souvenirs and pieces of traditional artefacts while also getting a chance to interact with the locals. Although there are a lot of small shops in this market, it doesn’t feel crowded at all as the stalls are perfectly arranged.

Cairo Tower

To get a sense of the vastness of the city, you need to climb over to the top of the Cairo Tower. From the top, you can view the entire city and can locate where the important landmarks are. There is a revolving restaurant that provides a scenic view of the city while dining there. You can even have a cocktail while enjoying the mesmerizing view of River Nile from a distance.

Coptic Museum

One of the best thing you can do in Egypt is visiting its museums to understand how the country has evolved from its past to what it is now. Although majority population of the country and the city of Cairo is Muslim, you can also find a section home to Christian Egyptians known as Copts. Here you can visit the Coptic Museum that gives visitors a glimpse of the history of the Copts in Egypt. In the area surrounding it, you would be able to see many churches, monasteries, and even a synagogue. Inside the museum, you will find ancient bibles, icons, and sarcophagi.

To reach this place, we recommend you take a metro. Going to destinations by taxi would take you ages and would also be expensive because of the traffic in the city.

Mohamed Ali Mosque

Being a predominantly Islamic country it makes sense that you visit its mosques to gain insight into its religious history. The mosque is surrounded by a beautiful citadel was built in memory of Muhammad Ali’s son, Tusun Pasha.

The mosque is active which is why at the time of prayers you would find worshippers inside. It is open to foreign visitors to come and visit the mosque and admire its architecture.

Giza and Saqqara Pyramids

Last, but definitely not the least in any sense you need to pay a visit to one of the Seven Wonders of the World which are the pyramids. You can go to Saqqara pyramids by hiring a horse for a day. Wear some cool clothing and a headwear and march your way to these oldest pyramids in Egypt. The Saqqara pyramids are a personal favourite of many archaeologists because it is easier to make out the hieroglyphics.

You must also visit the well-preserved pyramids of Giza. The best part to visit these is that you are allowed to enter the pyramid and climb up the burial chambers of the Pharaohs.

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