Experiencing Auckland

Bored with celebrating a snowy Christmas? Or surfing only during July? Well, Auckland, one of the major cities in New Zealand, has something unique to offer to you – a chilly July and warm Christmas. Gifted with all four seasons in reverse order, Auckland is a tourist destination in the South Pole that you should definitely pay a visit to.

It is located between two coastlines and is an urban hub that offers a lot to you in terms of urban delights and natural landscapes.

West Coast Beaches and Waterfalls

These Wild West Coast Beaches are an hour away from the Auckland City but are one of the major attractions for tourists for the Tasman Sea that meets the black sand of its beaches. You can take a dip or two in the east coast beaches in the morning and then head over to the west ones in the afternoon and try some surfboarding.

If you are interested in seeing some impressive clifftops then Muriwai Beach is where you should be headed over to.

Rangitoto Island

Are you in the mood for some adventure? Then just grab a kayak and paddle out your way towards this island. You can also take a ferry ride or a guided tour to the summit to witness some spectacular views. This island is basically famous for it’s dormant volcanic cone that is just off the coast from downtown Auckland.

Waiheke Island


Auckland is the place that lets you experience heaven on Earth. With a thirty-five-minute ferry ride, you can easily reach this island which is famously known as the ‘Island of Wine’ because of approximately thirty wineries and vineyards. Therefore a wine tasting tour is a must. Later you can have some lunch on a vineyard, appreciate the gorgeous views around you, and take part in some activities that the island has to offer.

Great Barrier Island


A paradise for those who love boating, the Great Barrier Island is full of activities for you. You can hike through the Aotea track, relax on Medlands beach, or visit the Glenfern Sanctuary to have a look at some of the rare wildlife.

Hauraki Gulf


Since the city of Auckland rests on the edge of a sheltered harbour there are numerous islands nearby that you can journey to by simply hopping on a ferry. These waters are even ideal for a cruise where you can have the time to look at the gulf water loaded with marine life.

Many of these islands also serve as wildlife sanctuaries where you can have a walk and enjoy the most beautiful time of your life.

Experience the Pasifika Festival


With the largest Polynesian population of any city in the world, here at this festival, you can explore some of the most authentic villages. Different Pacific Island nations are represented at this annual Pasifika Festival along with some local food, art stalls, and live music and dance as per the tradition.

Rotoroa Island

Opened nearly after a hundred years in 2005 to the general public, this island previously was a private rehabilitation center which now offers you, like many other tourists, its newly opened exhibition, and museum. Other historic sites that you will find here include the chapel and the jailhouse.

For some relaxation and free time walking along the beautiful white-sand beaches and bush trails.

Auckland Museum


To explore the age-old traditions of Auckland you definitely need to pay a visit to its Auckland Museum which features the largest collection of Maori history. You will discover more than thousand taonga (treasures), original full-size marae known as the meeting house, wakas called the canoe and other precious small artifacts that are a glimpse into early Maori culture.

Penguin Colony Exhibition


Kelly Tarlton’s Sealife Aquarium is the place where you can look at these absolute white and black beauties. Here you will also have a chance to observe the biggest species of stingray on this earth which are the Spiny Sea Dragons. The aquarium also has an underwater aquarium full of colorful fish.

The aquarium also features a show for the people to watch the sharks while they are being fed or even book their own session to take a shark dive.

Adventuring the City


Having discovered all the surrounding islands of Auckland don’t forget to discover the city itself. Try a sky jump from the iconic sky tower or walk at its edge which is 192 meters above the ground level. Next head over to Auckland’s Harbour Bridge to bungy or bridge climb into the Waitemata Harbour.

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