Fun in the Sun: The 10 Best Beaches in the US

best beaches in the us

Out of the millions of American citizens, only 30% own passports. From the low number, it is clear that international trips for Americans are not common. But with the best beaches in the US, who wants to travel elsewhere?

Well, the United States has spectacular geographical diversities. Among these desired destinations are the beaches, which will make your summer vacation memorable.

10 Best Beaches in the US

When in the US, you don’t have to worry about your vacation. The variety of beaches across the states have an ambiance that will help you unwind and relax.

Here are some of the 10 best beaches in the US that you will love.

1. Destin Beach

Located in Florida Panhandle, Destin is one of the best vacations spots in the US. Florida has perfect vacation weather all through the year. Whether in spring, fall, or summer, you can enjoy your stay at Destin.

The beach has an intimate and friendly atmosphere because of its scarce population. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery in any of the hotels near the beach. Commonly known as the “Fishing Village,” Destin is a great place to try out your fishing skills.

2. Waikiki Beach

Waikiki is a popular beach in the US that will give you a lifetime experience. The beach has a buzz of activities, from snorkeling to surfing. The beach is ideal for vacation throughout the year.

If you are looking for the best beaches in the US, then Waikiki can be a perfect option because of its features. Events such as hula dancing and surfing competitions will make your visit more memorable.

The many resorts near the beach will make your accommodation easier.

3. Hulopoe Bay

If you have been planning your summer vacay to Hawaii, then Hulopoe Bay is amongst the best beaches to consider. The beach is best for deep sea diving and kayaking. You can bring your kayak or rent at the beach to enjoy this adrenaline-rush activity.

With a grassy area near the beach, you can enjoy a picnic as you watch the beautiful shores. The dolphins and other marine life will make your vacation at the beach more intriguing. If you want to visit the pool with young ones, the tide pools at the beach can offer a sense of safety for small children.

4. Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach is one of the best beach vacation spots in the US. Cannon Beach is a popular tourist destination because of the Haystack Rock stretching towards the shoreline. You can enjoy the marine life that enhances the spark of Cannon beach as one of the best in America.

There is a Hug Point, which is along the beach. The recreation area has amazing sceneries including a waterfall and sea caves. The features ensure that you get to enjoy a myriad of activities for your summer vacation.

5. Race Point Beach

A vacation in Massachusetts should be one on your to-do list if you are a vacay enthusiast. Race Point Beach is endowed with great features that you will love. From the breathtaking sunset to the gentle waves, you will definitely find this beach attractive.

One of the unique activities that you can enjoy while at Race Point Beach is whale watching. Minke whales and humpbacks are common during summer. For a memorable experience, have your camera and binoculars to capture the spectacular view.

For a great ocean view and beach walks, Race Point Beach is an option to consider.

6. San Diego

San Diego is a breathtaking place that will offer you a variety of fun activities. The coastline has an amazing view and hours of watching the sunset can be rejuvenating. The vast space and calm waves will give you an intimate experience.

If you are seeking a more thrilling adventure at the beach, you can surf or engage in deep sea diving. The magnificent coastline is a must-stop for sun seekers. You can enjoy the sun as you stroll lazily along the beach.

7. Coronado Beach

Coronado beach in California ranks among the best beaches in the US. If you want to go for a vacation with your family, Coronado Beach is one of the family-friendly beaches you can get. The beach is wide enough to accommodate several fun activities for the tourists.

You don’t have to worry about accommodation. The beach houses along Coronado Beach are ideal for anyone intending to stay in Coronado. When you book a flight, you can also book a room at the beach houses.

8. Miami Beach

Miami Beach is an ideal destination for beach enthusiasts and night lovers. If you are wondering what to do in Miami, the many activities available will intrigue you. Other than enjoying the breathtaking view of the beach, there are many activities that will ignite your summer holiday in Miami.

The boat tours and fishing activities are exciting especially when you are having a group vacation. Watersports such as waterskiing are adventurous games that Miami Beach offers. With the many art scenes around the beach, your activities are unlimited.

9. Driftwood Beach

You can enjoy the sun quietly at Driftwood Beach. The oak and pine trees along the beach give the beach a unique view. The beach has few people and can be the best place to detox your mind.

10. Pensacola

Pensacola Beach in Florida is one of the best beaches in the US that you will love. The destination is ideal for beach enthusiasts and fishing lovers. If you love lively crowds or a serene environment, the beach has different areas to suit your preferences.

The activities include surfing, sailing, eco-trailing, and dolphin tours. You can book a hotel and enjoy your stay at Pensacola for a few days.

Some of the Best Beaches in the US Have a Variety of Activities That Will Make Your Summer Holiday Memorable

Depending on your preferences, the diverse beaches in America are worth trying. These beaches have everything you need to enjoy your vacation. Check out the reviews of some of the best beaches in the US to decide your preferred destination.

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