How to Spend the Perfect Week in Bangkok

Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand and is home to structures of all ages. You can find ancient temples as well as modern malls coherently co-existing in Bangkok. With a plethora of things to see it could be a little difficult to decide where to start. To help you get through this problem, we have made an itinerary of a perfect week in Bangkok.


Day 1: Wat Pho (Temple of the Reclining Buddha)

Start your trip by first making a visit to Wat Phao. We would recommend visiting the temple in the morning hours to avoid crowds.

The Temple of the Reclining Buddha, known as Wat Pho in Thai, is a Buddhist temple complex which is most known for its gold-plated “Reclining Buddha” sculpture. The Buddha is 151 feet long and 50 meters tall, making it the largest reclining Buddha statue in Thailand. The compound of Wat Phao also features 400 other Buddha statues, which are spread out on four different chapels on-site.

In addition to being a place of worship, Wat Pho is also a center of traditional medicine and massage therapy. You can have a traditional Thai massage here, to help you rejuvenate for the rest of the trip.

Day 2: Grand Palace

Grand Palace is a must visit for all tourists coming to Thailand. Again, make sure to visit this place in the earlier hours of the day to beat the afternoon crowd.

Grand Palace is an archaic structure which was once a place of immense importance for Thai Kingdom. The complex served as the residence for multiple kings, their royal courts. It was also used by Thailand’s government to house several of its branches including defense and treasury departments.

The Grand Palace is open from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm every day, except for secial occasions (State related events) when it is closed for public.

Day 3: Wat Arun

Continue your journey into the history of Thailand through its beautiful religious architecture. Wat Arun, meaning “Temple of the Dawn,” is named for the Hindu god Aruna, God of Dawn. And fittingly, the best time to visit the place is at dawn, when you can experience the tranquility and the peace that the temple has to offer.

Also, be respectful of the dress code in the temple. Cover your knees and shoulders and take off your shoes before you enter its main hall.

Located closeby are Thonburi canals, where you can enjoy a boat trip that takes you to a cruise past local homes and other buildings.


Day 4: Bangkok Art & Culture Centre

After having explored much of Bangkok’s history, you can move into its contemporary art scene at Bangkok Art & Culture Centre.

Bangkok Art & Culture Centre offers a unique experience in the city as it has something to do other than shopping or going to a holy site. And unlike many of Bangkok’s other top attractions, crowds are limited here, making it the best environment to admire the facility’s artwork.

Day 5: Jim Thompson House

Jim Thompson house is a museum of sorts and has a mysterious story to it.

Jim Thompson was an American architect who settled in Thailand after World War 2. He gained famed in the country for his success in resurrecting Thailand’s struggling silk industry. Jim, however vanished on one of his trips and nobody ever heard from him again.

The architecture of the Jim Thompson House, along with its late owner’s enigmatic history, is what draws visitors here.

Day 6: Chatuchak Weekend Market

Visit the massive Chatuchak Weekend Market for a shopping extravaganza. The Chatuchak Weekend Market is one of the biggest street markets in the world. It sprawls more than 35 acres and contains somewhere in the neighborhood of 15,000 shops and vendors. Here, you’ll see a multitude of goods for sale, from fruits to house pets to clothing, jewelry and much more. Don’t be afraid to bargain here as vendors are often willing to bring down their prices.

Do note that the market only operates on weekends, so you may need to adjust this itinerary so you don’t miss out.


Day 7: Thai Boxing

It’s your last day in Bangkok! You may want to return to your favorite markets or malls for some last-minute shopping or you could have one last Thai massage before leaving the city.

You could also take some time out to catch a free Muay Thai fight at the nearby Channel 7 Boxing Stadium. Muay Thai or Thai Boxing is the national sport of the country and like everything else the country is known for is followed by a lot of heart and passion.

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