Make a Budget Friendly Trip to Manila for all the fun without the stress

Manila is a port city and the capital of Philippines. Some years back, Philippines was not featured highly in the list of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. But, that trend is changing overtime. As more and more tourists flock to the eastern parts of the globe, Philippines is experiencing a large influx of tourists every year.

Another reason why tourists, especially young people and university-going students, are frequenting visiting Philippines is because of the cheaper living and travel options that the country has to offer. And in such a scenario, you might also wish to travel the most important city of Philippines i.e. Manila. We have, therefore, prepared this guide to help you in the planning process.

Best Time To Visit Manila

Because of the tropical location of the country, Philippines only experiences two seasons, rainy and dry. The rainy season is from June to October. This period also coincides with the hottest times of the year, which is from April to May. During these months, temperatures often exceed 40 degree Celsius and the average monthly rainfall is about 375 mm. On the other hand, the cooler months from December to March are also the drier times of the year. Therefore, the ideal time to visit Manila would arguably be the cooler months.

What To Wear

Unlike Thailand, Myanmar and other South East Asian nations, Manila does not have a strict dress code, and as the temperature is usually high and the climate humid, it is advisable to wear loose clothing such as t-shirt and shorts for men and skirts for women. However, if you intend to visit a Church, make sure to cover yourself properly and respect the local religious values.

Getting In and Around

Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) is the main passageway into Manila for international visitors. It is located 7 kilometers south of the city and comprises 4 terminals. Terminal 1 serves most of the international airlines, whereas Terminal 2 is reserved for Philippine AirLines only. There are several different ways of getting from the airport to the city but by far the best one is UBE Express Bus.

For travelling within the city, tourists can choose from many affordable options. Manila is connected by 3 different LRTs (Light Rail Transit Systems) that cross many important districts. Other than trains, Manila is also supported by buses, taxis, jeepneys and for smaller distances, tricycles and horse carts.

Where To Stay In Manila

Out of the several districts of the city, Poblacion area in Makati is considered to be the best for tourists. The area is close to the commercial business area of Manila, providing visitors access to plenty of shops, restaurants, bars and 24/7 convenience stores. The area also has a good variety of hotels and other accommodation options that cater to people of all budget needs. If you wish to search for cheap accommodations and affordable hotels in Poblacion or any other region of Manila, log onto the price comparison portal of FindLateHotel.

We allow you to tweak your search results with various factors such as price, customer ratings, distance from city center, room facilities and much more. You can also use our portal to book your room online and save yourself a great deal of time and money.

What can you do in Manila?

Following are some budget-friendly yet highly enjoyable ways to spend your time in Manila.

Tour Intramuros, Manila on a Bamboo Bike

Intramuros is a historic district situated within the walled city of Metropolitan Manila. The word Intramuros is Spanish and means ‘within walls’. The area was occupied and fortified in 1571 by the Spanish conquistador Miguel López de Legazpi. There are several ways you can visit this historic part of the city. But, one of the most amusing and environmental-friendly ways is to travel on sustainable bikes made out of bamboo sticks.

Enjoy the variety of scrumptious food

If you were a fan of the late chef and travel enthusiast Anthony Bourdain, you might have seen him walking around and exploring the local food scene of Manila with a person named Ivan Man Dy. Ivan is a tour guide and takes people around for a cultural and food rich trip of the city. The best part about his trips is that they are not strictly scheduled and hence can be built around the interests of tourists. You can learn more about him on his website Old Manila Walks.


Enjoy the Manila Bay Sunset

The bay area in Manila is famous for the beautiful sunset scenes it offers. One of the biggest shopping malls in Philippines, Mall of Asia, is also located in Manila Bay. Tourists can spend their evenings by eating at one of the restaurants at Mall of Asia and enjoy the beautiful shows put on by Mother Nature.


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