Plan a Memorable Trip to Ghana

If it’s your first time visiting Africa, then Ghana is the perfect country to start from. It’s easy to reach, has a huge variety of activities for you to enjoy and is quite safe.

The word Ghana translates to ‘warrior king.’ Before the Portuguese had formed their colony here, an empire called Ashanti existed in central Ghana. Later on, the Dutch, Danes, British and Swedes formed colonies here too. Ghana was then able to achieve its independence in 1957.

This beautiful country can be visited by any major airline from all of the major hubs of the world. Even the new terminal of Accra airport is very efficient as opposed to the previous chaotic terminal. You can easily rent a car here, and be on your way to one of the most magnificent beach offerings of the world.

From your choice of a hotel, you can follow this article’s itinerary for a memorable trip in Ghana.

Elmina and Cape Coast

You can start early in the morning from Accra towards a coastal road which very well maintained, towards Cape Coast. This drive can take up to 3 hours, but the sights will be something of an African fairy tale!

When you reach Cape Coast, your main interest should be the Cape Coast Castle. This fixture used to be an old slave fort and is not a UNESCO World owned Heritage Site. This fort can be dated back to the seventeenth century during the Swede’s colonization period. Alongside timber and gold, this fort has been used for slave trade. You will see a lot of dungeons where hundreds of slaves used to be held so they can be traded to the western hemisphere.

Next you can move along to the Elimina Castle. This place is perfect for a great stroll during the afternoon. The fish market can be passed to lead you to Fort St. Jago, which can give you a great view of this castle. It is the perfect place to get some pictures with whomsoever you are traveling with!

Nzulezo Day Trip

This town is built on stilts and is spread over an area of over 90 kilometers over Lake Tadane. This is not the only reason why your day trip can become memorable. Your trip will require for you to move around on a motorized canoe and you can have a look at how people live their lives in Nzulezo.

When you arrive at the visitor’s centre, the village may seem alive with everyone moving about chaotically, but when some time passes, you will be happy you came here. You will see kids playing around in the pools right beside their homes on stilts as you move about. You can then have your lunch at any hotel in Takoradi which also means ‘water surface’.

Butre Forts & Beach

This beach is known as the best one in Ghana and is somewhat like the Raz Markaz in Oman; if you’ve ever been there.

You can actually find ‘The Hideout’ on your Google Maps and this location will show you the beautiful ruins of Fort Batenstein from the beach. This location could take about 40 minutes to reach, but it will totally be worth it!

You can also opt for lunch on the beach itself if you move a little further towards the Komenda and Shama forts. These forts have been restored and belong to UNESCO World’s heritage list.

Kakum National Park

If you take a long enough drive on the coast road, you will reach the rainforest park of Ghana called the Kukum National Park. The main attraction of this place is the canopy walk and is unlike anything you’ve ever done before. The walk is like a hour of a forest hike and is very peaceful.

You can reach this park in 2 hours, and it would be simply for the one-hour walk. If you move on further from the rainforest park, you will reach three more forts which are worth exploring. These forts are also part of UNESCO’s list and consist of Abandze and Fort Amsterdam.

You can also opt to stay overnight at the Kakum National Park if wildlife is your thing. All you have to do is rent a guest house in Fort Goedehoop and you can actually wake up in the morning with the most wonderful view of the rainforest’s wildlife!

Accra Day Trip

Your final destination can be the capital of Ghana to explore this county’s heritage. You can easily get an Uber that can take you to the Dubois Museum or the Ghana National Museum.

Other than these, you can also go the monumental Independence Square which marks the date of independence of this country.

Your trip will be the topic of discussion for years to come,since Ghana can truly make your vacation memorable. Go ahead, cross this country off your bucket list!

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