Practicing Hotel Safety: How to Be Safe When Staying in a Hotel

hotel safety

Your safety should always be you’re number one priority.

Every day, we always take extra precautions for our safety. We lock our houses and cars, we scope out the neighborhood before renting a house, and we look both ways before crossing the street.

But for a lot of people, safety goes on the back burner when it comes to a vacation. Of course, no one intends to forget to think about safety, but it’s so easy to get so wrapped up in the excitement of a long-awaited vacation, that we just forget it.

Bad things happen every day, and it doesn’t matter if you’re at home, at work, or on vacation.

But how can you stay safe in a hotel? What control do you have?

Read on to learn some tips and tricks for hotel safety.

Request a Room on a High Floor

When you book a hotel room, you should always call ahead of time to verify your reservation. This prevents any reservation mishaps and allows you to establish a personal connection with the front desk.

When you call to verify your reservation, be sure to request a room on a high floor. While it doesn’t happen often, there have been cases where thieves were able to break in through the windows. Someone is less likely to break into a window if it means they have to scale a 10 story building.

Even if the person doesn’t come in through the window, the higher floor you’re on, the less chance you have of someone trying to break into your room.

Picture a thief stealing a large flatscreen TV, but he has to wait on the elevator to go down 10 floors. It’s a funny sight because it’s impractical, and thieves know that.

Use the Extra Security Lock on Your Room Door

Many people don’t realize that hotels have extra security locks on the door.

This is because most modern hotels have electronic door locks, and it is possible for them to fail. In the event that one of these locks fails, you will want to have a back up in place.

These locks are on the inside of the door, typically toward the top. Flip the latch and lock it. This prevents the door from being opened by stopping it with an inside latch.

Hotels choose these electronic door locks for safety reasons as well. With these locks, the hotel front desk can reprogram room keys when they get lost or stolen.

That being said, if you ever lose your hotel room key, be sure to ask the front desk to deactivate it before they give you a new one.

Always Check to Make Sure the Door Is Completely Closed

While this may sound a bit obvious, many people forget to double check that there hotel room door has closed completely. This is because hotels are required to have doors that shut automatically.

Unfortunately, in older hotels and recently renovated hotels, the doors might not shut properly. Wood from the door and door frame can swell over time, preventing the door from shutting easily. While you may be able to shut the door by hand, it might not fall shut on its own.

In newly renovated hotels, sometimes new carpet can prevent the door from shutting on its own. If the new carpet sits higher than the old carpet, the door can get caught and won’t shut properly.

This is a very easy fix, it just requires a little extra attention. In the event that you notice your door does not shut properly, tell the front desk immediately. They will have a maintenance staff on hand and should be able to fix the problem immediately, as this is a liability for them.

Request a Room Close to the Front Desk

While you should always request a room on a higher floor first, it’s not always a possibility.

In the event that a high floor isn’t available, ask the front desk to place you near the lobby. If someone is attempting to break into the hotel, they are more likely to head for the back rooms so that no one will see them.

If you tell the front desk that you are requesting this location due to safety reasons, they are more likely to take extra effort’s to fulfill your request.

Speak Your Concerns to the Front Desk

Above all, don’t be afraid to tell the front desk if you’re concerned about your safety. They want you to enjoy your stay and feel safe on their property, so you can expect that they will do everything in their power to keep you safe.

When you tell the front desk that you’re concerned, you should be sure to mention any other people that may be allowed to come and go from your room. If someone other than yourself is allowed access to your room, the front desk will add their name to your reservation.

This way, if anyone comes to the desk and says they are with you, the front desk will be able to ask for an ID before giving anyone access to your room.

Hotel Safety Concerns Shouldn’t Ruin Your Stay

Feeling a bit more comfortable?

The hotel staff always regards hotel safety in the highest. Not only do they worry about their guests, but if something bad were to happen in the hotel, it could result in heavy fines and even a possible shut down of the hotel. And since the hotel doesn’t want to get shut down, they take all measures they can to keep everyone safe.

If you haven’t booked your hotel stay just yet, check out some of our recommendations.

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