Taste for Adventure: The 10 Best National Parks in the US

The United States of America is home to some of the best national parks in the world. With over 60 national parks, you will not run short of places to visit. You will find a great selection of fauna and flora.

All you need to do is make your travel arrangements, pack your bags, charge your camera, and get ready to have fun. We will explore the top ten best national parks in the US that you should make a point to visit.

Top Best National Parks

National parks are great places to spend time because of the range of activities one can find within. You can hike, ride your bike, go for a picnic, practice your climbing skills, among others. Let’s dive into the top national parks we feel should be on everyone’s bucket list of places to visit.

1. The Grand Canyon National Park

Located in Arizona, the Grand Canyon National Park is one of the great national parks and is a World Heritage Site for UNESCO. It is also the second most visited US National Park. It has a deep gorge that owes its existence to the Colorado River. The park is an excellent place for someone who has a deep appreciation for landscapes.

If you enjoy hiking, several trails will give you a significant challenge.

2. Death Valley National Park

Despite its morbid name, the Death Valley National Park has fantastic landscapes. The park got its name from pioneers in 1849, who lost their way in the valley. They assumed that the valley would be their final resting place, but fortunately, they were rescued; only one died.

You will get an opportunity to see mountains, salt pans, dunes, among others. Dress appropriately though because the temperatures get high and it is extremely dry, so remember to carry plenty of water.

Situated in both California and Nevada, some of the must visit places are there Zabriskie point where you get to take in the Majestic landscape. If you’re lucky enough to visit it when it has rained, the water sits right on top of the sand, giving it a mirror-like effect.

3. Grand Tetons National Park

The Grand Tetons National Park in Wyoming is brimming with wildlife. Expect to see sea otters, elks, grizzly bears, to name a few. The explosion of color from the flora will give you plenty of camera action. If you are looking for amazing sites, this is definitely one of the most beautiful parks in the USA

4. Glacier National Park

Travelers to Glacier National Park describe it as having an old soul. You will get to see plenty of rocks everywhere you look. The area is also teaming with wildlife, especially bears, so you need to be careful that you do not disturb this beautiful, yet dangerous animals.

You will need a good pair of hiking boots to experience Glacier National Park in Montana. The challenging yet scenic trails are a favorite for many hikers.

5. Yosemite National Park

The Yosemite National Park is in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. The rock formations are a natural wonder, and the waterfalls are a sight to behold. It is a popular place for photographers, hikers, campers, birdwatchers, skiers, among others.

Some of the must visit areas are Glacier Point, Half Dome, Tuolumne Meadows, and Vernal falls.

6. Olympic National Park

The Olympic national park sits 75 miles West of Seattle. It was set up in 1938 and is a great place to hike all backpack. The Mount Helena trail is great for those who have experience with hiking.

Those who prefer gentler trails should purpose to try out the Sol Duck Falls nature trail. Make sure you come with your camera so that you can capture a picture of the Olympic marmots, as you will not get them anywhere else. If you are more of a water person, you can fish, boat or go to the tide pools.

7. Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier National Park is in Washington and is home to Mount Rainier which is an active volcano. Plan your visit on a clear day so that you go to the Space Needle to see the peak of the Mountain. You do not even have to specify a particular time to visit the park, as you will find season-specific activities like snowshoeing or hiking.

8. Bryce Canyon National Park

The Bryce Canyon National Park tops our list of most beautiful national parks in the USA. You will find a variety of natural rock formations that are a sight to behold. Situated in Southern Utah, it is a must visit place for those who like hiking. The Tower Bridge and Navajo loop Trails are a favorite to many.

It is a Scenic place to visit during winter; the snow looks great against the desert backdrop. But, if you plan to hike, schedule a visit during winter when it is safe to do so.

9. Arches National Park

When you visit Arches National Park, you will get an out-of-this-world experience. Visitors to the park say they feel like they are on planet Mars due to the red rocks; thereby making it to our best National Parks list. Sitting in Moab, Utah, the park is a popular place for photographers and rock climbers.

The park’s name comes from the more than 2000 natural arches; Including the Delicate arch which you will find on the Utah license plate. Wear the right clothing, and carry plenty of water because temperatures can reach 40 degrees.

10. Zion National Park

If you want one of the best parks in the US, then the Zion National Park is a sure contender. Looking at it,, the color variations make it look more like a painting. Composed mainly of cliffs, you will get to see clear sunsets, clear skies, and a cream to pink to red color transition on the cliffs.

Some of the places you should visit are the Narrows and the Kolb canyon. Carry extra batteries for your camera because you will not want to miss a moment of the splendor of the area.

Do You Have a Taste for Adventure?

We have shared with you ten of the best national parks in the USA. If you have a holiday coming up, you should consider visiting one or two of them. Contact us for information on travel logistics, and plan to quench your thirst for adventure.

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