The Ultimate Check-In Guide for Indian Hotels

Imagine walking into your favourite hotel to book a room for your 2-day weekend stay. Oh, how beautiful it looks! You love everything about it.

A moment later you reach the counter, the manager asks you a simple question and the bubble of happiness that formed inside you while you were walking in bursts into tiny little pieces.

“May I see your ID Card, please?” requests the Manager.

Simple question, isn’t it?

However, it becomes quite a complicated one when you forgot to pack it! Who could think that a little document could ruin your entire weekend?

Hotels around the globe have different check-in guidelines. Indian hotels have their own. Keeping an ID card on you at the time of checking into the hotel is one of them. Let’s take a look at such other guidelines so you can enjoy your vacation without any inconveniences!

1. You Must Present Your Original ID Card

Some people don’t carry their National Identity Cards in their wallets. This is why it gets left behind so often. If you can’t produce your ID card at the time of check-in, you can use a few alternatives such as the driver’s license, Pan card, voter ID card or even your passport. If you are carrying none of these, it is very unlikely for you to get accommodation in one of the best hotels in India.

2. Always Confirm Your Advance Booking

First and foremost, it is always wise to go for advance booking of the hotel instead of walking in to get a room. In fact, booking of a hotel in India through a travel website is the best choice. You can go through all the famous hotels on these websites and see their photographs and videos to find out what you will be walking into when you finally get there.

After you have chosen the perfect place, you can book a room through the same website. The website will share your booking details via email upon confirmation. Until you receive that email you should consider your booking unconfirmed. Always wait for confirmation so your check-in process become easy.

3. Always Verify the Check-in Timing of the Hotel

Before you walk into your booked hotel, confirm the check-in timing over the internet or on a phone call with the hotel. Every hotel has a check-in time to ensure smooth check-ins and check-outs from the hotel. If you happen to reach the hotel before check-in timing, you might have to wait in the hotel lounges for your turn. If, unfortunately, during peak vacation days, even the lounges get full, you may have to change course and find another hotel!

4. Remember the Deposit Policy

Many hotels in India have a deposit policy where they take a certain amount from their guests upon their arrival into the hotel. This amount is basically, security against any damages to the hotel property.

Let’s face it, who can travel to far off places like India on the regular? Making your once-in-a-lifetime experience a great one needs but a little focus. Follow these guidelines and make your travels fun and exciting!


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