Things to do in Melbourne, Australia

The second most populous city in Australia and the coastal capital of Victoria, Melbourne is the place to enjoy Australia’s beauty at its finest. The city is viewed by many as hip and dynamic metropolis with a cultural diversity that is often evident in its amazing street art.

Here we cherry pick for you some of the other interesting activities you can do in Melbourne, besides sipping on the best coffee and being a part of Melbourne’s unique environment.

Visit the Federation Square and Flinders Street Station

Opened in 1910, Flinders Street Station is one of the busiest railway stations in Australia. It is a cultural symbol of Melbourne and you are sure to find a picture of its entrance on most of the postcards. Inside the station, there is an area dedicated to shopping and food. Outside the station, you will find another icon of Melbourne which is the Federation Square. It has a unique architectural design that is sure to fascinate and leave you in awe.

Near the square, you can visit the Australian Centre for the Moving Image which holds captivating displays on various subjects.

Take a Walk in the Botanical Gardens

A walk in the peaceful botanical gardens is a perfect way to experience and appreciate the breathtaking landscapes just outside of the urban bustle. These gardens area at walking distance from the city centre and you are sure to witness many local walkers, joggers, and people meditating as you stroll around.

The garden is known to have more than 8,500 plant species which makes it a colourful and gorgeous backdrop for a painting or drawing.

Do Some World-Class Shopping at Some of its Popular Streets

Who doesn’t like to shop till they drop? If you are a shopaholic then Melbourne is the place to satisfy your shopping desires. The Chapel Street, in particular, houses many high-quality clothing and accessory brands and many local and international celebrities have been spotted at this place.

If you are in the mood to try some of the great tastes of Melbourne at an economical price then head over to Bridge Road in Richmond which is a great spot for this. Other large shopping malls that you should visit, if the time and budget allow you to, including Fitzroy, Highpoint, Chadstone, and Melbourne Government Post Office that now operates as a shopping mall.

Enjoy Some Nightlife at the Crown Casino Complex

If entertainment and a little nightlife fun are what you’ve been looking for then the Crown Casino Complex should be your destination to go. It is situated adjacent to the Yarra River and stays open for 24/7 except for 3 public holidays.

For those of you who enjoy gambling this place is great fun, however, it has many other activities you could do which includes shopping or eating at some of the best-quality restaurants. The entrance hall has beautiful fountains and just outside the complex building itself, there are pyrotechnic towers that are charming and attractive to watch.

Admire the Aboriginal Art

Aboriginal art is acclaimed internationally for the symbolism and beauty that it depicts and Melbourne is the best spot where you can learn about it. There are several aboriginal galleries that showcase the beauty of these artworks.

Enjoy the Liveliness of the Queen Victoria Market

One of the most important food hub since its opening in 1878 is Queen Victoria Market. Have one of your meals, or even more, here at its tastiest food stalls. You will also find some of the best fresh produce of olives, meat, and a variety of cheeses.

While having food you can also glimpse at the Victorian architecture and admire it for its sophistication and find some local crafts at some stalls that you can take back home as souvenirs.

Wander through the Laneways

To admire the true beauty of Melbourne’s head out for a walk and wander through its laneways to see what the city has to offer you. In these laneways, you will find the urban culture of Melbourne in its raw and truest form. City maps are available in many hotels or you can access them online.

Some of the most interesting laneways include Degraves Lane, Centre Place, Hardware Lane, and AC/DC lane.

Check Out the Incredible Street Art

Famous for being one of the street art capitals of the world, Melbourne has designated areas for street artists to show off their skills and talent. The city promotes the artistic side of graffiti and the art keeps changing regularly.

Street art tours are also run by street artists to show the skills of these people and for the tourists to get a better understanding of what is in front of them. If you are interested in street art and its culture then this is a place you need to visit and enjoy.

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