Visiting Hong Kong? Here is the List of Its Top 3 Hotels

Hong Kong is one of the newest and hot favorite destinations for travelers. It is one of the major financial hubs of Eastern Asia. The vibrant territory of Hong Kong has many sightseeing attractions and destinations for people with families and kids, as well as for lone travelers. There are a great number of hotels in Hong Kong that provide luxurious services and guarantee a comfortable living experience to their guests. This article focuses on top three hotels of Hong Kong.

1. Kerry Hotel, Hong Kong

This is one of the most popular urban hotels and resorts in Kowloon, Hong Kong. The best part of the resort is it offers amazing urban facilities to the guests along with exotic multi-cuisine food and splendid harbor views. Kerry Hotel provides unparalleled services such as airport shuttle and in-room childcare. The hotel property comprises of 546 guest rooms therefore you can easily book your room online prior to visiting the city.

2. Hotel Icon, Hong Kong

If you wish to have a room with a perfect harbor-front view then you must get a room booked at the Hotel Icon. This hotel is one of the best rated hotels in Hong Kong and is famous for its local and international cuisine offered by its various in-house restaurants. Apart from its lavish rooms, the hotel has an Olympic sized pool along with a smaller one for young children and a separate spa facility for complete body rejuvenation. Most of the online hotels booking websites are affiliated with the Icon Group of Hotels and hence you can easily book your room online while planning your tour to Hong Kong.

3. The Ritz Carlton, Hong Kong

Just a few miles away from the International Hong Kong Airport, The Ritz Carlton is one of the traveler’s favorite destinations during their visit to Hong Kong. The hotel is famous for both family vacations and business related accommodations. From great pools, spas, living rooms, salons and dining area, the hotel has everything to deliver to make your tour memorable and fascinating. The hotel offers 6 different dining venues for the food-loving guests. You can easily get your rooms booked online by comparing the rates from different hotel booking websites.


The territory of Hong Kong has many more 3-star and 5-star hotels and resorts that are best for family accommodation needs. The Royal Plaza Hotel, The Regal Airport Hotel, Hong Kong Sky City Marriot, Novotel Citygate are some of the other hotels known for delivering quality service to its clients.

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