Visiting Sri Lanka? Here Is What You Need To Know About The Country

Over the last few years, Sri Lanka has become one of the most famous destinations for travelers. Especially for people who are looking for a trip that offers a peace of mind but at the same time is friendly towards their budget.

The major cities of Sri Lanka are Colombo and Kandy. The ancient history of the country that allows people to connect with the relics of Hindu and Buddhist mythology makes it popular destination for visitors interested in exploring the culture and religions of South Asia.

Colombo is the commercial and financial capital of the country whereas Kandy is a sacred historical city categorized as UNESCO’s World Heritage Site for being home to the ‘tooth of Buddha’.

Colombo is one of the best cities to visit in Sri Lanka. Apart from great temples, restaurants, shopping sites and war memorials, there are plenty of sightseeing attractions in the city for the keen travelers. With great numbers of hotel properties and resorts, Colombo offers you the most lavish and luxurious stay in the country.

The famous hotel properties to stay in Colombo are Galle Face Hotel, Cinnamon Red, The Kingsbury, Cinnamon Lakeside, Cinnamon Grand, Ozo, Hilton Hotel, Renuka City Hotel, Taj Samudra, Drift BNB, Mount Lavina and Grand Oriental. You can find out the availability of the rooms at these hotels by browsing on online hotel booking websites. You can compare the prices of different hotels and can book your room with the lowest fare/offer prior to visiting.

When you visit Kandy, you will find it quite a different place from Colombo. This city wins its traveler’s heart through the natural beauty it offers. It is endowed with beautiful hills, serene surroundings and the tea plantations. The world carving center is one of the famous attractions of the city along with the Gem Lapidary and the Temple of Tooth Relic. The most famous properties in Kandy for experiencing a fascinating stay are Amaya Hills, Queen’s Hotel, Earl’s Regency, Cinnamon Citadel, Earl’s Regent, Blink Bonnie Inn, etc. All these hotels rooms are easily booked online through the famous hotel booking websites.

Sri Lanka offers a very unique vacation experience. The country is renowned for different food spices, batik print, distinctive clothing designs, gems, fun trains and amazing beaches.

If you have a great hotel property reserved for your stay then you are surely going to enjoy your trip in the country. You can book your hotel rooms prior to visiting by contacting one of the best hotel booking websites such as FindLateHotel.

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