Wanderlust’s Trip to Peru

Just like you, there are people out there who when set out for a trip, look for adventures, wildlife encounters, and treks rather than shopping and entertainment. For such people, the best place that we suggest is Peru. It is a country located in South America that has numerous archaeological sites to explore and gives you the opportunity to surf on Pacific waves.

To experience the beauty of this place in its raw form— from innovative fusion cooking to recovered recipes— you definitely need to visit this country during this year. To make this trip the most memorable of all your trips, we have listed down some of the most breathtaking places in Peru that you need to include in your itinerary.

The Rainbow Mountain

Looking at the photos you might not even believe that this is even true. But yes, this is nature’s ultimate beauty and creation that you can witness for yourself here on these mountains. These stripes feel like as if they’ve been painted, but they are actually caused by geological activity that combined certain minerals and oxidation. These mountains are given the name Vinicunca, they require you to hike at a really high altitude in order to get the best view.

Machu Picchu

Have heard this name before but did not know how to get there? Well, Peru is the place from where you could visit this place, too. You can trek along the famous Inca Trail, a path of the travel legends, to get to this ancient city and to drop by the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu. It is a four-day walk, which will provide you with unforgettable experiences. You are sure to pass through deserted villages and fields terraced onto Andean slopes.

Lima, Capital of Peru

The charms of Lima are sure to leave you spell-bound as it offers exciting alternatives if you want to dodge the tourist crowd. It is also known as the foodie capital of South America because of the presence of some restaurants that have been frequently ranked among the best in the world.

Here in this capital, you can also find white water rafting at Lunahuana and discover some of the caves and adobe buildings nearby at Tarma that date back to pre-Colombian times. If you want to wander around the capital and find some historical sites on your own but you worry about getting lost, then simply show up at Plaza Peru that is by the small fountain and join Lucid Lima on a free tour of 90 minutes of the UNESCO-listed colonial town.


Andean condors are what you would only find in Peru soaring above the Colca Canyon. Looking at these giant condors is an experience that every traveler and tourist remembers forever, regardless of them being a bird lover or not.

This heaviest bird on this Planet Earth lives in the deepest canyons of Colca and is referred to as ‘Apu’, which means messenger from the other world and also God. The bird has a wingspan of up to 3.2 meters, which helps them glide, dive, and turn smoothly above your head, over the canyons. They then disappear into the mountains. You will find many tourists gathering here with binoculars, phones, cameras, or just like that gazing over the sky to get a look at this mighty bird.

Lake Titicaca

Want to completely submerge yourself in the legends and history of Peru? Then head over to Lake Titicaca, the place where the Incan Empire was born. This lake holds extreme significance and importance among the locals and in the Andean culture. It is the largest lake in South America that is 165 kilometers long, 60 kilometers wide, and 3810 meters above sea level.

This is the place where you can get the true wanderlust experience. During the day, the lake glistens a deep blue color under the sun, whereas at night it almost seems magical as the stars look bright and sometimes even close enough— as if you can touch them.

Nazca Lines

To end your experience in total awe and to question the beauty of its landscape, you need to visit Peru’s coastal desert, which is around 400 kilometers south of Lima. Here you will witness some of the most mysterious sketches ever found on this Earth. These are figures of people and animals etched into the dust of the desert.

These enigmatic lines have long mystified the experts and can still be found intact because of Nazca’s extreme environment that has minimized erosion.

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