What to Do and Where to Stay in Miami

A city famous around the world, Miami is known for having many facets. It is located on the southeastern tip of Florida. Palm trees, drinks, beautiful beaches, and nightclubs are just some of the first few things that come to one’s mind upon hearing the name of this famous American city. This is a city is home to a multitude of cultures, which is why a lot of tourists just like you love to visit it each year.

To understand this city, you must first know that it is divided into two main areas; the central metropolitan area and the barrier islands. The city tends to have a tropical monsoon climate which is why the best time to visit is the period between the end of November and May.

If you are planning to make a trip to this city but unsure about activities and accommodations, then don’t worry at all. We’ve got you covered. Here is a handy guide that will help you make the most of your experience in this amazing city.

What to Do

There is a lot that you can do in this city! From catching a game at the city’s sports arena to soaking up the sun on the beach, this place can make all your exciting desires come true at once. Things that you should do or see while in Miami include the following:

Cruise Ocean Drive

Art Deco buildings that are painted brightly and made famous because of shows like ‘Miami Vice’ are the first thing that most tourists want to see. After all, this is what comes to their mind when they think of taking a tour of the city. To get a good look at these buildings, which trace back to the 1920s and 1940s, you can go to Ocean Drive from the 5th Street. This would put you at the core of all the things.

To know about the history of this region, it is important that you take a self-guided audio tour from the Art Deco District Welcome Center.

Sunning and Swimming

Well, if you are at one of the beaches in Miami then sunning and swimming are the two common things that everybody does. If you have taken a trip on the Ocean Drive, then it is a necessity that you head over to the beach. If you are finding someplace to eat or for getting some refreshments, then head over to Collins Avenue. The variety eateries offer great food that will surely satisfy your taste buds..

Tour Little Havana

Going to Miami and not experiencing the local Cuban culture means that your trip was incomplete. The neighborhood of Vedado and Miramar makes up the area known as Little Havana. These are the places where many Cuban nationals settled after they fled their native country.

When visiting this place, make sure that you try the local cuisine. Stop at some of the well-established record shops, and sample a cup of Cuban coffee.

Lincoln Road Mall

Excited to do some shopping? Head over to the Lincoln Road Mall which is a cultural institution and a shopping central rolled into one. You will find everything here; from the best designer outlets to high-end coffee shops. The best thing about this mall is that it is outdoors.

Where to Stay

Just like every other city, you will find plenty of standard hotels and motel options within the city but we recommend that you opt for some of the famed boutique hotels to get that truly authentic Miami feel. Some of the most amazing hotels that are located in different areas of the city offer a mesmerizing experience. We have listed some of these for your ease.

The Standard Spa

For those of you who want to enjoy the ultimate pool scene, then this is the place where you must book your stay. It is well known for hosting some of the best and exciting pool parties. The rooms are chic and classy and the hotel itself is very near to the South Beach and Lincoln road.

Thompson Miami Beach

If you are someone who is interested in the old style of Miami, then this is an excellent option. One drawback of this hotel is that you need to walk a long way to reach the Art Deco district. However, the distance can be covered easily by car.

Delano Hotel

Those of you who want to indulge in the modern glamorous life that Miami offers, this hotel is the right choice. It offers accommodations that are not only comfortable but also stylishly sleek and attractive. What makes this hotel an even more attractive option is that it is located right next to the beach, along Collins Avenue.

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